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Corvina Cloud 1.0 is a Remote Access VPN Solution that and to your Machines.

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is an advanced connectivity management solution that puts yallows

to securely and easily connects to your Devices ou in control of your IIoT business. 

The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use. Web-based it allows all your

remote devices, networks and users to are able to communicate securely and manage

updates on Exor Devices and connected Endpoints (PLCs, Drives, …)


  • No need to open IT Network to Internet (DynDNS, NoIP, Denat, etc…)
  • Direct access to the Device with a simple mouse click
  • Installation and Maintenance cost reduction
  • Geographic visualization of the connected devices
  • Device Web Server access using Standard Browser from PC and/or Mobile
  • Easy management of Multitenant access with the possibility to manage different Company domains
  • User and Profile Management for differenciate User Access to domain and function of the Service.
  • Completamente accessibile e configurabile da browser


  • Possibility to connect to the Device and Endpoints and use application (Web, VNC, Jmobile Client,..) from the Web Portal using a Standard Browser
  • PC App that allow to connect to X-Platform Device and configured Endpoints (PLC, PC, DRIVE, …) using related configuration software to perform debug, project update, firmware update, programming,…
  • Possibility to access to the Device using FTP or SSH on request
  • Possibility to differenciate access basing of Functions, device and type of connection.
  • Possibility to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or VNC to connect to PC/Server
  • Possibility to define Endpoints manually or open a Subnet giving access through VPN to the entire (or to a part) of the Subnet.