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Window-based, desktop software tool for building HMI, SCADA and Client-server programs for industrial automation applications


Runtime licenses

ADISRA SmartView is a powerful, Windows-based, desktop software tool that builds robust HMI, SCADA, and Client-Server programs for industrial automation applications. SmartView provides the integrated features and functionality necessary to quickly create projects and connect to industry-standard modules, components and devices.

ADISRA SmartView has an Engineering Environment, the main workspace, that was designed to be easily recognized by IT programmers while also providing the important standardized features and functionality of industrial automation HMI software packages. With ADISRA SmartView, you have the ability to create powerful HMI and SCADA applications and easily edit them at any time.

ADISRA SmartView is loaded with communication drivers to easily integrate different modules, components and devices. You can store and acquire data from external sources (OPCs, Databases, PI-OsiSoft, IoT and Edge Devices, PLCs, and the Cloud). Here are some more features of

ADISRA SmartView: • View screens on tablets and cell phones via HTML5 browsers • Local, remote and web viewers • Multi-dimension and dynamic tags • Native redundancy • C# scripts and functions • Create HMI and SCADA applications • Create client-server applications • Link and integrate external sources • Link real-time data with screen objects (trend, charts, alarms, colored indicators, text boxed, etc.)