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Crevis G-Series


CREVIS PLC and I / O systems are compact Din-rail modules with removable spring clamps that make mounting or replacement easy as a breeze. The CREVIS I / O Series offers Slave bus couplers with interfaces such as MODBUS, ETHERCAT, ETHERNET I / P, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CC-LINK & CANOPEN.

CREVIS PLC controllers are programmed with the CODESYS 3.5 IEC-611131 software. These Bus controllers have Interfaces like MODBUS / ETHERNET I / P and ETHERCAT. The I / O points are only 12mm wide, slide together and lock onto the DIN rail. The I / O points are supplied as digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs or as special modules ex. temperature, weighing cells, highspeed, stepper motor drive. The modules have from 4-32 channels per channel. module.