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FBs Series

The Fatek PLC series is a compact and affordable PLC in various series. The FBS series is the most flexible series with basic units from 10 I / O up to 60 I / O. This series can be expanded to 640 I / O as digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs and special modules eg. temperature, weighing cell, sound, potentiometer or combination modules. The CPU modules have standard highspeed inputs and outputs and Interrupt / PWM.

The device can handle up to 5 ports which can be a mix of Serial RS232 / 485, CanOpen, EtherCat, Modbus TCP / IP. The PLC has a built-in motor control module where up to 4 axes can be controlled as pulse / direction.

Ability to network up to 250 PLCs as master slave. Built-in power supply, connection voltage 230vac or 24VDC.

Programmed with WinProladder which is easy to see and get started with.