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eSmart Series


sizes from 4" to 10" screen

eSmart Series

The eSmart Series is a panel series that solves automation tasks where the economy is more important than design, flexibility, high performance and smaller Interface options, but still a lot of good features.

The eSmart Series is available in 4”, 7” and 10” with pressure sensitive screen.

The eSmart Series is prepared for IoT 4.0 Corvina Cloud 1 (Remote control / Gateway) and Corvina Cloud 2 (Data log for the cloud).

eSmart is programmed by JMobile a lot of features like alarm, trend log, reports, prescriptions, automated HTML5 web pages, client options from Windows PC or from other EXOR Panels, and much more.

The eSmart Series is available with and without the known CodeSYS 3.5 internal IEC-61131 PLC and decentralized I / O systems are available.

Interfaces: 1 x Ethernet ports * Multi serial Port * 1 USB port * Drivers for market PLC - MQTT - OPC UA and many more.

Integrate bar with Microsoft Azura and Amazon clouds.