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The eXware700 Series

eXware700 Series / VPN700

The VPN700 series is a strong and flexible small Din rail mountable box. It includes 5 different models eXware703, eXware705, eXware707, eXware707Q and eXware707T which is a new in 2020. We call it display without display; it has all the known facilities of the eX700 series without the display. This does not mean that no screenshots or HTML5 images can be created in the VPN700. You can do everything you can in the eX700 series. In the VPN700, the Corvina Cloud CC1 License is even included in the price. That is, it can be used as a multi controller or a VPN Gateway.

The VPN700 Series is prepared for IoT 4.0 Corvina Cloud 1 (Remote Control / Gateway) which is included in the price. Corvina Cloud 2 (Data log to the cloud) which is a purchase.

The VPN703 Series is programmed by JMobile with a lot of features like alarm, trend log, reports, prescriptions, automatic HTML5 web pages, client options from Windows PC or from other EXOR Panels, and much more.

Interfaces: up to 4 x Ethernet ports (Bridge function) * Multiple ports * USB port * SD Flash card * Drivers for the market PLC - MQTT - OPC UA and many more. Integrate bar with Microsoft Azura and Amazon clouds.