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Industrial PCs

Industrial PC from EXOR & ADVANTECH

The Industrial PC program deals with compact fanless models from both EXOR and ADVANTECH.

The two suppliers match each other well with model sizes from 8” up to 21” both as panel PC and Monitor systems for installation. Free-hanging Stainless PC systems that are waterproof or compact Box PC units. All devices are configured with CPUs from the ATOM, Celeron, I3-I5-I7 family. HDD or SSD disks with complete or embedded OS operating systems.

Entry-level Panel PC

EXOR fanless Panel PC adopts an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact IP65 chassis.

Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity.

The industrial-grade machinery computer from EXOR is designed for use in any light industrial environments.

High-end Panel PC

EXOR heavy Industrial Panel PC is equipped with powerful Intel® Processor, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch design.

EXOR Industrial Panel PC provides expansion slots for add-on boards in a IP66 heavy-duty aluminum front bezel and vibration-resistant, its rugged design of aluminum chassis is suitable for any harsh industrial environments.

Compact Box Computers

Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor, the Atom™ Compact series fanless computer features significant I/O design.

The Atom™ Compact series fanless computer is ideal for space-critical and entry-level applications, such as data acquisition, digital signage, gate control, self-service system, Kiosk, and POS applications.

Panel Monitors

Most of EXOR heavy Industrial Touch Monitor shares identical appearance with IPC or EPC series for the same industrial environment application.

All products are available in wide and flexible range of configurations. You will have the product that fits your needs.

All products have a robust mechanical construction that will suit the most demanding of applications.