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Compact Box Computers


EXOR compact box computers are not on stock but need to be ordered from supplier EXOR International

Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor, the Atom™ Compact series fanless computer features significant I/O design.

The Atom™ Compact series fanless computer is ideal for space-critical and entry-level applications, such as data acquisition, digital signage, gate control, self-service system, Kiosk, and POS applications.

All products are available in wide and flexible range of configurations. You will have the product that fits your needs.

All products have a robust mechanical construction that will suit the most demanding of applications.

Products can be configured with a different choice of CPU, RAM, disk and operating systems.

PC offered by EXOR International are the ideal system for running applications based on JMobile Runtime.

An application integrating HMI on a powerful hardware platform is ready in all cases where the embedded HMIs do not meet all requirements.